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Ever wondered why you attract a certain type of person into your life? Or why you seem to connect with someone on a particular wavelength? If you have, then discovering your preferred Relationship Style can help you understand why.

The premise is simple, we each attract relationships, especially the one with our chosen partner based on the underlining thoughts, feelings and beliefs we hold about ourselves. Discovering your style can offer new insights into who you are and your ideal relationship.

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We at PerfectCombination believe that all relationships act as a mirror, reflecting back our deepest thoughts, beliefs and ideas we hold about ourselves. With this understanding and over 20 years of research we formed the twelve preferred Relationship Styles to help people understand the true connection between their state of well-being and the quality of their relationships.


Creating & Expressive


Caring & Empathetic


Contributing & Passionate


Entertaining & Fun


Learning & Intellectual


Visioning & Futuristic


Charming & Persuasive


Winning & Competitive


Exploring & Enthusiastic


Comparing & Attentive


Mastering & Mindful


Leading & Disruptive

Like Attracts Like

Whether you’re single or already in a relationship, discovering your preferred style can offer valuable insights. Learning more about your unique character as well as the qualities that work best for you can help in creating a more fulfilling relationship. Discovering your style offers a new perspective on the ideal partner and how to best fulfil your relationship needs.

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Each style has an accompanying guide offering an even greater understanding into your preferred type and how to build more meaningful balanced relationships. You’re 60 short questions away from a whole new perspective.

Jessica Murphy

I was pretty surprised when I read through my style guide, it was pretty much spot on.

Phillip Stamp

Quite sceptical at first but if I’m honest it’s made me realise where I’ve been going wrong all this time.

Sam Kearns

The guide is filled with so much fascinating stuff, I feel like it helped me see myself in a whole new light.

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