Privacy Policy



(Privacy Policy:, revised on 04/04/2018)

This privacy policy applies to all Sites and Services provided by Perfect Combination Limited.

The terms “we”, “us”, “our” refers to all brands owned and operated by Perfect Combination Limited, as defined in the applicable terms and conditions, and according to the operation of the Services.

Perfect Combination Limited (hereinafter “PCL”) , a private limited company incorporated in England and Wales with registered company number 10485424.



This privacy policy describes how PCL protects and makes use of the information you give the company when using the Site and Services provided.

We enforce the highest standards with respect to Members’ privacy and personal data protection.

If you are asked to provide information when using the Site and Services, it will only be used in the ways described in this privacy policy. With the necessary consent we will collect, process and use data to further the performance and improvement of the Site and Services. If we do not collect this data directly from you, we will notify you. The same applies to cookies, the use of which is described in the 5.Cookie Policy section of this privacy policy. 

Our technical team developed and maintains the network of systems using the latest standards to ensure the protection necessary of the Site and Services is offered. Online payments on the Sites are secured through https protocol in order for your data to be encrypted during their transmission to the payment processor.

With Internet security being complex and susceptible to breaches, we recommend that you take appropriate measures to improve the protection of all personal data that is not under the control of PCL. If any breaches are uncovered on the Site, we will act with swift resolve to remedy the breach. We suggest using devices operating Internet security based applications will assist in offering the greatest level of protection.



The personal data we collect may include your name, postal and electronic address, your nominated city and region, mobile or landline phone number, banking information, information about your physical characteristics, photographs, your personal values, interests and your use of the Services.

Registering for the Site may reveal the Member’s ethnicity, lifestyle choices, religion, or sexual orientation. This information and content with be available on the Site and services for other Member’s to view and discern. Agreement to share this information by the Member concerned initiates when the consent box is ticked during the registration process. Such action by the Member expressly accepts and assumes full responsibility for the processing of this “sensitive” data by the companies of PCL.

Technical data relating to your Internet browser, operating system and the IP address of the system used may also be collected. Information identifying your computer or other device used to visit the Site will contribute to improving Site performance and respective Services used. Members or visitors’ can choose at any time to withhold this type of information through preventing the use of cookies.




We must collect information about you when you:

Due to the nature of certain Services, information being requested is typically necessary to provide access to the Site and Services. Results generated through information attained during the Relationship Style Questionnaire is based on the accuracy of the responses provided by the Member concerned.

Data provided during registration and profile activation including:

Help in creating a transparent online community of profiles that each registered Member can discern and factor compatibility and suitability against their chosen requirements. This information will also help us send, if agreed to in Member “Account Settings” advertisements and special offers for the Services most applicable. The identity verification feature in the profile activation section of the Site is optional for all Members. Any ID documentation imagery submitted, such as “passport” or “driving licence” is exchanged electronically with a third-party verification processor. Respective imagery provided is used solely for verifying profile authenticity and is not shared or visible to other Members. The Member status will be updated in accordance with the processed results. Payment and billing information is not shared or visible to other Members, but the subscription nature of membership plans requires reference to this information within the “Account Settings” console. Payment processing is secured through SSL protocol connecting with the Members chosen payment provider. We may keep your non-personal and aggregate details if you visit our Site, even if you do not complete your registration, the use of which is described in the 5.Cookie Policy section of this privacy policy.


Information provided before, during or after partaking a Well-Being based “Add-On” Service(s) to a certified PCL therapist such as:


Help in providing the necessary context for understanding the current state of Client Well-Being. This information will also help in assisting the aligned PCL therapist in offering the best suited Service(s) to counter current or future Well-Being conditions. Any recommendations given are in accordance with the goals expressed during the “Add-On” Service(s) in question.




The key precautions necessary in securing our databases operate to archive your information in a secure environment. The latest SSL encryption standards are upheld to protect any information exchanged with our third party service providers. Payment of Services requires process of billing information by either Stripe, Inc or PayPal Holdings, Inc depending on the transaction preference selected during checkout. Onfido™ perform identity verification upon request, processing Member personal ID documentation against live UK national databases. Copies of the ID images are held on their secure servers with facility for immediate erasure when notified. Email notifications and automated communications enhancing Member experience are processed through Mailgun Technologies, Inc. Email address details are trusted only to ensure deliverability and reliability of communications. Contact details of email subscribers consenting for newsletter and related content notifications are held in aligned MailChimp® mailing list’s and accessible through The Rocket Science Group service.


Access to personal Member information is restricted to a small number of employees and any processes pertaining access is aligned to the measures outlined by the Data Protection Officer (DPO). Information obtained when purchasing or subscribing to our Services help to ensure the best possible experience and Services are offered to you.

Personal information highlighting your unique profile characteristics and interested criteria may be accessed from and are visible on PerfectCombination’s Member Site, on the Internet, by e-mail (newsletter), by mobile phone. In addition, we may disseminate this information directly to other Members (active or expired) through electronic (e-mail, text messaging, etc.) or communication medium to increase your chances of finding your Perfect Combination. As a result, by providing your information through the Services, Members expressly authorise PCL to reproduce and disseminate the information contained in the Member profile including personal data, description, images, interested criteria, etc on all the Services and the Sites, on the Internet and by e-mail.

The Member can request to not receive special offers from PCL or our partner companies, either during registration or at any time by going to “My Account Settings” page on the Site console.




Our aim is to provide a exceptional experience for all visitors and Members of the PCL Sites and Services. Importantly, we have set up our processes to do this within regulatory law. The law requires us to provide you with certain information regarding cookies such as what they are, what types are placed on your computer or other device when you visit our Site and what they are used for. All of this information and more pertaining to our use of cookies can be found in further documentation describing our Cookie Policy.




With respect to only fully registered Members being able to view data, please be aware that you are acting in a public online environment and are responsible for your privacy. It is at your discretion the extent of the information shared with other Members.

Settings related to the extent of information received from us can be altered at any time during your Membership using the management console. The number of notifications received as part of promotional campaign material can be set to your personal requirements by accessing and updating the “My Account Settings” page. Members also have the option at any time to alter the personal data recorded during the steps of profile activation. Facility to process such changes can be found in the “My Profile” section of the management console.

If you no longer wish PCL to reproduce or disseminate the information contained in unique profile including personal data, description, images, interested criteria, etc, you may cancel your account according to Article 7 entitled “Termination” within the terms and conditions. As stated in the documentation the key profile data in accordance with this action will not feature in subsequent communications (printed, press, audiovisual or electronic).


Any request received to “delete” your account will be enacted in accordance to the process outlined in Article 7 entitled “Termination” within the terms and conditions. Upon definitive confirmation all personal information associated with the account and Member will be permanently deleted. A copy of personal data and supplementary information held can be requested by the Member in question at any point during the membership timeframe. Changes can be applied by the Member to their visible information within the “My Profile” console, prompting updates will be corresponded across the database environment.

Any information specifically attributed to Well-Being based “Add-On” Service(s) will be maintained for 3 (three) years after the last recorded appointment date. Access to this personal information is restricted and granted only by the aligned PCL therapist. Any request received from the Client to “delete” this type of records will be enacted on immediate confirmation of receipt. A copy of personal data and supplementary information held in accordance to Well-Being based “Add-On” Service(s) can be requested by the Client in question at any point during the specified timeframe for expiration.




Any websites external to the PCL Sites and Services are not applicable to the featured details outlined within this privacy policy. We are exempt and no way liable for the privacy policy upheld by these third party websites. Hyperlinks to other websites may appear on the PCL Sites and Services, we do not recommend the use of other websites and give no guarantees as to their content or product/service offering.


If you have any questions about this policy, please email or write to Perfect Combination Limited, 5 Chapel Court Wervin Road, Chester, CH2 4BT.