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(Cookie Policy:, revised on 04/04/2018)

This cookie policy applies to all Sites and Services provided by Perfect Combination Limited.

The terms “we”, “us”, “our” refers to all brands owned and operated by Perfect Combination Limited, as defined in the applicable terms and conditions, and according to the operation of the Services.

Perfect Combination Limited (hereinafter “PCL”) , a private limited company incorporated in England and Wales with registered company number 10485424.



A cookie is a small text file placed by an online provider (such as on the computer or other device visitors use whilst browsing the respective Site. Cookies can collect information about visitor behaviour and usage through digitally logging the activity of their computer or other devices with respect to the Site.

With consent we primarily use cookies throughout all operated Sites, gathering data to enable the improvement and performance necessary to all visitors and Members of our Services. We cannot identify you as an individual through the cookies generated when you visit our Site alone.


This cookie policy does not address how we deal with your personal information. Regarding the topic of how we deal with your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy for more details.


When you visit our Site four main types of cookies may be placed upon your computer or other device after full consent has been obtained. These are: First-party, Third-party, Session and Persistent cookies.



To further aid your understanding of the cookies employed with respect to our Site and Services we have created this table. This list is not exhaustive, but it is intended to illustrate the main reasons why cookies are typically set on our Sites. When you visit one of our Sites, some or all of the following cookies may be set on your computer or device:


Cookie Type


First-party Session Cookie

This allows us to know which search engine keywords drive traffic and interest.

First-party Session Cookie

This allows us to chart your computer or device’s progress across our Site when you initially sign-up to our services.

First-party Session Cookie

This provides us with essential marketing statistics to evaluate the relevance of our Services such as the time spent on our Site and your frequency of logging in and out. We use this data internally to improve the services we offer to you.

First-party Persistent Cookie

This enables us to link your computer or device to your username therefore speeding up your login process.

First-party Persistent Cookie

This allows us to count the number of pages you have clicked on when visiting our Site.

First-party Persistent Cookie

This collects information about your general interaction with our Site such as the pages you visit most frequently and your navigation through our webpages.

Third-party Persistent Cookie

This is placed upon your computer or device by our commercial partners and is necessary for the count and invoicing of advertisements.

We need your consent for cookies to be placed on your computer or other device. We obtain this consent when you subscribe to our Services. Should you wish to withdraw that consent, you may cancel your account according to Article 7 entitled “Termination” within the terms and conditions.


There are several cookie management options available to you. Any changes you make to your cookie settings are likely to impact your browsing experience of our Sites and Services. In some cases you may find yourself unable to use. Nevertheless, you can set and modify your cookies choices at any time, as described below.

A number of options are available to you via your browser that allow configuring your settings to prevent cookies being stored in your computer or other device. Changes made to your default browser can prompt a notification each time a cookie is potentially stored on your computer or other device, requesting whether you wish to accept or reject it. For further information, please refer to section 3.3. Cookie Management below, to establish how to accept or reject cookies in your chosen browser.


You control whether a cookie is stored on your computer or other device. You can set your preferences and modify them free of charge at any time using your browser settings.
If you have set your browser to store cookies on your computer or other device, cookies in the pages and content you have viewed may be stored temporarily in a dedicated location in your computer or device. They can only be read by the sender.


If you refuse permission for cookies to be stored on your computer or other device, or if you delete those that are already stored, you will no longer be able to use certain functions required to browse various areas of our Site and Services. This will affect, for example, content or Services which can only be accessed by logging in. Also we, and our Service providers, will be unable to identify for technical compatibility purposes the type of browser your computer or device is using, your language and display settings, and the country from which your computer or other device appears to be accessing the Internet. We are unable to take any responsibility for the consequences of our Services functioning less efficiently because we are unable to store or read cookies required for it to operate where you have rejected or deleted them.


The procedure for managing cookies and preferences (acceptance or rejection) is slightly different for each browser. You can check the steps for managing cookies in your particular browser's help menu, links to the main providers are available in the below menu.

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If you have any questions about this policy, please email or write to Perfect Combination Limited, 5 Chapel Court Wervin Road, Chester, CH2 4BT.