Code of Conduct


What is deemed appropriate behaviour on the Internet? Despite the numerous interpretations the majority of people conduct their online activity with good manners and common courtesy as standard with no special attention paid to what is acceptable. When it comes to the nature and diversity of life offline, there is inevitably the chance of crossing paths with someone who is less than polite and maybe even rude or disrespectful. As in real life, online dating can be impacted by the same challenges. Social expression is a fine balance and communication through a digital medium can be open to interpretation, sometimes with less than positive references. Despite this, dating is a personal matter and should be treated with respect. PerfectCombination has set out from the beginning to create a safe, honest and respectful environment for all of its members. Therefore in an attempt to blend this purpose with a sense of clarity on how to use our Site and Service(s), we’ve formed a set of guidelines to help you better understand what we deem acceptable whilst you are dating online with us.


Upon joining PerfectCombination Dating we will request you to choose a username that will help other members identify you when engaging with the online community. When creating your username we suggest you use your first name so other members can send you personalised messages with relative ease. Any profile usernames that contain profanity, offensive statements or concepts that are contrary to the law will not be accepted. Registering with multiple accounts is also prohibited and will also be denied and removed.


All members are required to be over 18 to join PerfectCombination Dating. In particular, there is no reason why the details given for your actual age (date of birth) would be incorrect. We encourage a safe, honest and genuine online environment for all our singles, which requires not to mislead other members by selecting an age range that isn’t correct. Verified profiles will have these details cross-checked and any discrepancies found will prompt the appropriate request for removal.


Each profile requires a photo to be uploaded of yourself. There are rules that should be taken into account when selecting your chosen image. We provide recommendations for the ideal photo during the activation stages, but the picture must be clear that it is you with an optimal resolution and emphasis on you individually. Any photos uploaded that include nude or pornographic imagery and images displaying physical or sexual violence are strictly prohibited. The use of racist or intentionally offensive pictures is also prohibited along with any logos, advertising or content deemed sales or marketing .


Providing a description offers a chance to showcase another angle of your unique personality and who you are behind the basic profile information. However, we encourage you to give the most realistic impression of yourself and avoid any details that mislead other members into a false sense of the real you. The content of your profile and messages should not create a deceitful or unrealistic image of who you are. It is best to foster honesty from the start and that begins with all aspects of your profile, especially the personal description. Any profiles containing false information about a users identity will be removed without warning.


The search online for a partner can be made a lot simpler or complicated by the manner of communication made between interested members. During the course of sending a personal message or two there are a number of factors that can affect how the communication is received, perceived and the impression it leaves. An awareness of how to encourage positive responses from other members can help with the whole online dating experience. Here are just a few areas to be aware of:


Communicating with other members written or verbal over the internet should take into consideration that the recipient is also human. The degree of interaction and anonymity afforded from online dating can have an adverse effect on some people. Patience and other respectful virtues can be overlooked if strong emotions become interwoven into the communication. The emphasis is placed with you to reframe from causing or responding to any situation which may have created anger or upset from what has been written. Ceasing contact and reporting the user if necessary will help diffuse escalating the situation further. In general treat others as you would expect to be treated.


Misunderstandings can arise at any moment, but the frequency of which can increase when a lack of attention is paid to the use of sarcasm or humour. We are all different and communication online does not benefit from messages exchanged with body language. Therefore when making jokes or introducing sarcasm into the conversation, it is important to first consider how the message will be interpreted. Jokes made over messaging can often be taken out of context and as a result cause offence. We encourage our members to take the time necessary to craft a message with the appropriate care before sending.


Do not share your personal information too quickly. Regardless of whether the member has had their details verified or not, caution and care should be the standard especially when sharing any personal details, especially intimate. A common misconception is expecting to share everything for the other person to establish if you are a match. However, we encourage that before doing so it is always worth stepping back and asking yourself whether you would be so open and descriptive if you were sitting across from this person on a train or in a public place.


Only you know whether there is chemistry with another member and that goes in the opposite direction as well. If communication has arose with another member that you are not interested in having further contact with, then a short, polite message sent in a timely manner is best. This is one way of showing consideration and courtesy in the world of online dating and avoids a build of resentment where the other member is left waiting for a reply which never arrives. In turn, if you are rejected, respect the other’s decision. Do not exacerbate the situation by sending further messages. Your goal is to find the ideal partner (your perfect combination), so if that member is not interested then you know exactly where not to direct your energy and time. Moving on with ease and realigning your mindset towards finding the relationship you seek with set you on the path to success. 


Any messages exchanged within the Site and Service(s) should be treated as confidential. You are not permitted to share any details of other members without their express consent. This extends to sharing information deemed private and confidential with third-party services such as blogs, videos or other mediums.


PerfectCombination is a dating website for people serious about finding a long-term loving relationship. Please note that requesting sex is strictly prohibited. There are many other services available on the internet if that is your true intention. Any requests for sex via webcam, phone or chat also fall under this prohibited category.


Content that is racist, politically extremist, sexist, violent, distasteful in nature that injuries, offends, harms or threatens other individuals of the member community is not allowed. All profiles on PerfectCombination go through the stages of activation, whilst verified status is granted only when our customer care team have qualified the details given. Processes are in place to monitor content and eliminate spam, intrusion and fake profiles. However, in the case that anything inappropriate is not immediately discovered we appreciate any member who flags to our attention anything that could cause offence or violate the outlined boundaries of content. Reports made against a member will be investigated and can lead to account closure.


These guidelines explicitly express how each member is expected to behave whilst using the Site and Service(s). All content generated by members is checked and, if found to violate these guidelines or terms and conditions will be acted upon with the necessary action. Following notification a warning shall be issued and at the discretion of the operator, may result in immediate deletion of the profile and in some instances to further legal action. Registering with PerfectCombination outlines agreement with this policy and approval to the necessary actions if found not adhering to the explained guidelines.