Our Vision

PerfectCombination is focused solely on making a positive change within the world of dating. Our ambitious plans to introduce a new balanced perspective is exactly what people are looking for when it comes to meeting their specific dating needs.

We believe our unique approach will benefit all of our members who are set on cultivating a fulfiling relationship. No longer does love have to be enjoyed by the minority as our company has all the products needed to create the perfect relationship for you.

Our Core Values

At the heart of our success is a set of core values that fuel everything we choose to create. Being the relationship specialists these values have been formed from our unique understanding of what qualities are necessary to create long lasting fulfilling relationships.


Embracing individual and collective experiences across physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.


Greater awareness of our role within building a brighter sustainable collaborative future.


Confidence to step into the unknown, to set the new standard and constantly improve the lives of all our clients.


Create an environment of fulfilment and enjoyment.


To listen, express and communicate our ideas with respect and authenticity.


To do what we say and say what we do.


Accepting change as a necessary part of leading progress towards a new way of thinking and being.


Keeping it simple, honest and true.

Our Leading Lady

Every successful story has a leading Lady, we have the best in the industry, paving the way and working with a passionate team to deliver our vision for positive change in the world of dating and relationships.

Patsy Coghlan

With over 20 years of experience helping people improve their relationships, Patsy knows a thing or two about dating and relationships. What makes people tick and how to motivate changes in themselves and their relationships.

16 years ago Patsy intuitively knew where the dating and relationship world was heading and it didn’t look promising. Based on this, she formed a future vision to create a dating website and the PerfectCombination Group, to fulfil and capture not only her own dreams, but to be able to help others capture their’s and turn the dating world around.

Love is the driver of this vision, PerfectCombination is the vehicle and the journey has just begun...

Our Products & Services


What makes our dating website so unique is it’s focus to incorporate values and technology as one. This blend has helped create a website designed for singles looking for a more genuine dating experience.

Our flexible plans see compatibility without complication, taking our members from single to date with four simple steps. Sample the best of PerfectCombination with our £0.99 day pass or join for longer with our monthly membership plans from as little as £0.44 per day.

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Dating Detox

A fun and effective workshop designed and developed to assist in getting you ready for your next dating experience. With a clearer view on your part within the dating process and proven techniques, you will be set on a new path to becoming and being a successful partner.

By the end of the workshop, you will be equipped with dating techniques and a personal development plan specific to your dating needs and challenges. New dates for the workshop will be annouced soon.

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With over 20 years experience working with clients to transform their relationships, our coaching program can help you get better results in your dating life. Whether you want more dating confidence or looking to attract better, we have the expertise to make it a reality.

The road to love is often misunderstood and a coach can help guide and make the journey much clearer. Whether you’re newly single or have been for a while, our team can help you find your PerfectCombination.

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At the core of any successful loving relationship is a deep appreciation for all levels of our being. Through first hand experience we have found a strong link between an individual’s well-being and the quality of their relationships.

They say time is a healer, we believe energy and therapy hold the true key to releasing the past and learning how create better in the future. Whether you are struggling to move on or fear getting close to someone new, our range of holistic treatments can help get you back on track.

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Mixer Events

If online dating isn’t for you, then being a part of a Mixer could be perfect. As a ‘Host’, we would find you up to 10 singles that match exactly what you’re looking for in your next relationship. All you have to do is bring your A-Game to the Mixer and choose someone perfect for you.

If you don’t fancy hosting but would still like to be invited to one of our future Mixer event’s then you can. Simply Select ‘Guest’ on the sign up form and when a Mixer is happening that fits your description we will let you know.

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Our Guarantee

With an emphasis on helping our members understand themselves as well the people they may want to date, we are able to offer a more proactive approach to fulfiling an individual’s dating and relationship need’s.

We believe that everyone has the ability to shape their reality and in particular their relationships. Through this and the understanding of key factors we are confident that any one can create their PerfectCombination.